How does tongue-and-groove flooring relate to hardwood?

How does tongue-and-groove flooring relate to hardwood?

Tongue and groove flooring offers impressive results for your wood flooring remodel. It's a great way to secure your flooring without nails or adhesives.

This installation method is still standard and used quite often. However, if you've never experienced it, now is a great time to learn more about it.

What is tongue-and-groove flooring?

Tongue and groove flooring is an installment method for wood floors. Planks have a tongue on one side of the plank and a groove on the other.

They fit snugly and create a fantastic surface in every room when they come together. In addition, you'll find that your solid hardwood flooring will have a seamless, smooth look.

Benefits of tongue and groove hardwood

One of the best benefits of this floor covering is the ease of installation. The pieces fit together so well that the entire installation speeds up.

With a faster installation comes less labor for the installation service. And that means you'll save money, especially in more extensive remodels.

You can even use an underlayment with this type of flooring. An underlayment can add benefits, so ask about this feature when you shop.

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